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Prinz Willy – Kiel

Cafe Prinz Willy Lutherstraße 9, Kiel

We will be playing a joined Concert with Bella Bonza   Posters will follow soon.

Sommerfest Riesbriek

Riesbrek Knorburger Straße 32, Riesbriek

As every year we will be playing a Gardenfest in Riesbriek Nordfriesland. Also Bella Bonza (Soul/Funk) & Dense...

Tonfink Lübeck

Tonfink Lübeck Lübeck

A joined Concert with Tycho Barth Duo and Bella Bonza   Posters will follow soon

Clubhaus 06 Hannover

Clubhaus 06 Gustav-Brandt-Str. 82, Hannover

Brace yourselves for an energetic Show of the Tycho Barth Band in Hannover (Südstadt)